The evolution of..

The evolution...A good friend of mine referred to HerMasterPlan as the ‘evolution of….’ I love this because I like to think that others will evolve because of HerMasterPlan.

HerMasterPlan evolved from my own experiences and a passion for making women feel beautiful on the most important occasions of their lives, and beyond.

Where it all began….

As a teenager I battled with body image issues and by the age of 17 I had been admitted to an eating disorder hospital. The experience taught me that the human body is amazing, and that it is essential we take care of it. I realised the importance of being healthy, happy and feeling good in your own skin and learned how to love, nourish and appreciate my body. In the following years, I completed my studies in beauty therapy, massage and aromatherapy and later went on to qualify as a personal trainer. I love helping other women realise how beautiful they are, inside and out.

The main event…

As well as loving all things health and beauty I LOVE a good plan! Through the years I began to help many of my friends plan their big events – weddings, the arrival of babies, job interviews, etc. I noticed they were receiving a lot of advice on losing weight quickly with fad diets or covering up blemishes on the big day. But nothing provided a longer end-to-end sustainable health, fitness and beauty plan – all in one stop! So, after much encouragement from friends and clients HerMasterPlan was born.

Stay tuned for tips, hints, random thoughts and stories covering everything health, beauty, fitness, nutrition, and master plans.