Why Her Master Plan is different

Her Master Plan believes every woman is unique and I want to offer something unique to every woman. This is why Her Master Plan is unique:

Affordable: Big events are exciting, fun, enjoyable and expensive. I believe your best you doesn’t need to be a broke you. Having the ability to create your own Master Plan gives you confidence to keep within your own budget, whatever that might be.

Time efficient: Your time is precious. This is something we too often forget, especially when planning a big event. I combine all your health, fitness and beauty needs into one plan, giving you back your precious time and allowing you to prepare not only your body but also your mind.

Convenient: Getting the results you want is going to require effort. My goal is to offer convenience, ensuring all of that effort goes in to working hard on your plan. Offering mobile services, DIY survival kits and online support. Her Master Plan make excuses hard to come by.

I am just like you: While my passion lies in health and fitness, I also enjoy chocolate and wine and sometimes I forget to take our make-up off before bed. I understand that no one is perfect and ideals are often not sustainable. Following an 80/20 rule is what I recommend. Meaning that 80% of your time you spend behaving and 20% of the time you allow yourself a treat or a lazy night. To be perfect all the time would make life boring, right?

Togetherness = results: Having all your health, fitness and beauty needs taken care of by one expert, results in us working closely together. This means that together, we are far more accountable to achieve incredible results.

Easy: Working with one person for all of your health, fitness and beauty needs makes it easy. Share make-up ideas during a personal training session, ask questions about nutrition while enjoying a manicure. Having the ability to do this with that one person who understands your master plan creates a feeling of comfort and calm, that is of the highest importance when working toward your goals.

Complementary:  Health, fitness and beauty complement one another. Your health influences your fitness. Your fitness and health determine the beauty treatment your body needs. The treatments you have impact your health and fitness. Still, women approach these components of an overall goal separately. With Her Master Plan your goal is supported holistically.

Simple: I like to keep it simple. I will plan to meet your goal and if that means a certain style of training and treatments that is what we will do. I don’t follow fads or gimmicks – eat well, train hard, have fun, look after your body inside and out and you will see results. Simple.

Education:  It is great working toward a special event, and the way it feels achieving your goal in time is wonderful. However, good health, fitness and beauty are essential for life. I aim to not only get you event ready but to also educate you along the way so that your results become your norm.