Feel the love

Whether you are in a relationship or lovin’ the single life, Valentines Day is a social occasion for all. When working toward a health, fitness and beauty goal, any social occasion can be potentially dangerous and daunting. Rather than compromise your goals or become a Valentines recluse, read our guide to showing your body some love this Valentines Day.

You and your man, you and your gal pals, you and your secret admirer. Whoever you are spending it with, it doesn’t have to mean a 3-course meal, copious amounts of alcohol and hindering all of your hard work. In fact large amounts of heavy food and alcohol will actually have a detrimental effect on any romantic intentions.

Try our first-rate dates ideas to score big in both your health and romance goals.

  • SPB – Stand up paddle boarding is not only fun and great for the core; it is also a great excuse for you to show off some skin. You will have whomever you are trying to impress (your other half, the cute boy who rented you the board…) realising just how lucky they are to be spending Valentines Day with you! All of that giggling and bare skin will also have all the right hormones in all of the right places by the time day turns to night.
  • Kayaking – As with SPB, kayaking is a great way to get a sneaky core workout. It is also a great excuse to snuggle up in a double kayak if you want to get nice and close to your date!
  • Walk – A long walk in nature is great for every part of your body and mind. It can also be very romantic and insightful if you are with your man, a great way to avoid awkward silences if with someone new, and it can give you and your girlies a chance to chat away to your hearts content.
  • Camping – Want to make a weekend out of it? Why not. Camping is a phenomenal idea – no TV, no computers, just you, your chosen V-day companion/s and the great outdoors. If your intentions are romantic bring just the 1 sleeping bag…
  • Theme Park – Remember how much fun you had there as a kid?? Believe it or not, it can be just as much fun as an adult. Running between rides and releasing endorphins will do wonders for your body, and mind. Just try to avoid those hotdogs and jumbo colas.
  • A picnic – Pack a basket, grab a rug and head to the beach, the park or settle in for a romantic carpet picnic. Wherever you do it, a picnic is the perfect safe date. You have complete control over what you put in to the picnic basket, and your mouth. Our fave options include: vegetable crudités, clever chips ‘n’ dips, perfectly packed pizza, a couple of different salads, finish with some fresh berries (feeding to each other optional) and voila – picnic heaven.
  • Romantic meal for 2 (or 3 or 4) – If you want to go more traditional it can still be done. The great news is that a lot of the best ‘romantic meal’ foods not only have great aphrodisiac properties but are also packed full of nourishment. Do it over breakfast, lunch or dinner with our nutrient dense aphrodisiac recipes we put together especially for the big day.
  • Massage – After all of those aphrodisiac foods you may be in the mood for something else well known for its aphrodisiac properties – massage. Either grab the nearest oil to you, or check out our top 5 essential oils for massage.