Muffin lovin’

What girl doesn’t love a good muffin? They’re quick, convenient and yummy. It’s a shame they’re just so naughty, right? Actually, they don’t need to be. The right muffin can be a great way to feed your body some of the goodies it needs, as well as killing a few cravings along the way.

Don’t let that muffin treat give you a muffin top. Choose one of my top 5 nutrient-packed muffins to make you, and your tummy smile:

1. Easy Peasy Pumpkin Muffins

My latest recipe and one that I am currently addicted to. It has all the things a busy girl needs – good fats, veggies, complex carbs and a hint of sweetness, with absolutely no sugar or artificial sweeteners.
Check it out here

pumpkin muffins

2. Macadamia + Coconut Muffins with Coconut Butter

Being one of the experts for I Quit Sugar means testing all of their recipes… it’s a hard life. This is the one recipe I go back to any time I am in need of a really indulgent treat.
Check it out here

iqs muffins

3. Zucchini Ham & Sun-dried Tomato Savoury Muffins

This is one of my favourite breakfasts on the run. And it fits with the proven protein & good fats for breakfast philosophy – a total winner.
Check it out here

savory muff

4. Raspberry Coconut and Banana Muffins

From the amazing Food Fix Up App! This is my absolute go to when I need a lil’ pick me up. It’s also the perfect use for those lonely, slightly squishy bananas left in my fruit bowl at the end of the week.
Download the app here

stef muff 2

5. Frozen Chocolate Muffins

Not everyone is a born baker (including me). This recipe requires no baking, very little brain power, only 2 ingredients and hardly any time to put together – perfect for all the lazy chefs out there!
Check it out here

frozen muffins