After applying perfect eye make-up and perfect base (for more on this see 7 steps to perfect eye make-up and 7 steps to perfect face make-upit is time to apply your lips!

Step 1: Always apply a base to the lips, as with the eyes and the face. It is easiest to do this by covering the lips when applying your primer and foundation.

Step 2: To avoid that ‘80’s lip liner look, use your chosen lipstick with a fine, thin brush as a lip liner; this will still act as the guidance line you need and helps prevent lipstick from bleeding.

Step 3: Fill inside the lip line with the same shade. For a very natural appearance, apply only the lip line and then blend the line in to the rest of the lips using a balm or clear gloss. For a bolder result, apply a coat or 2 of colour and finish with a clear gloss; blot the lips with tissue between these stages if needed.

Here are our final tips and take aways from our steps to perfect make up series (check out 7 steps to perfect eye make up and 7 steps to perfect face make up for more on this): 

  1. For a very natural / dewy finish keep all of your products cream based.
  2. If you go heavy on the eyes, go light on the cheeks and lips and visa versa (unless you are staring in a drag show, of course).
  3. Use your blush / bronze to double up as a mid tone eye shadow and mix with a small amount of lip balm to create a lip colour.
  4. Always remember it is easier to add than to take away!

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