To tan or not to tan??…

Many women ask us if fake tanning is a safe option for them during pregnancy.

Fake tanning products work because they contain something called Dihydroxyacetone or DHA. DHA produces melanoidin, a dark pigment that directly colours the topmost layer of the skin.

This colour doesn’t penetrate any further in to the skin and is not absorbed into the body; think of it as a stain for the top layer of cells on the body. Because DHA isn’t absorbed, it cannot harm your unborn baby.

A spray tan is a little different because there is a risk of inhaling the DHA from the spray of the tanning solution. If DHA reaches the lungs, eyes or mucus membranes in the mouth and nose, it has potential to be absorbed into the body. Although there haven’t been scientific studies to prove any damage to pregnant women or unborn babies, we recommend that you use extra caution and avoid spray-tanning whist pregnant.

That doesn’t have to mean no tan at all – a manual application with a tanning cream or mousse is a wonderful alternative to a spray tan, and something we often do here at Her Master Plan.

It is however good to keep in mind that during pregnancy; a woman’s body can react differently than at any other time in her life. Women can become over-sensitive to certain smells and chemicals that previously didn’t bother them. And while the chemicals in tanning products will not normally cause reactions, pregnancy can cause increased sensitivity. For this reason we always recommend a patch test prior to tanning whilst pregnant.

Being tanned throughout pregnancy can help boost self esteem at this time when hormones and a changing body can make it hard a hard time in the self esteem department.

To get the best, and safest results, go to a professional for a manual application from a trained therapist.

Finally – always check with your doctor to see if self-tanners and spray tanning is right for you during your pregnancy.

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