Own your own wellness journey


One of the most important, and often ignored factors to achieving your personal health and wellness goals is accountability. Yes, it takes a little effort but it’s not as hard as it might sound to become the boss of your own journey. Especially when you have these top tips to help:

  1. If your goal is to improve nutrition, use a diary to record your daily food consumption. Keeping a record makes you more conscious of what you’re putting in to your body. Physically writing down what you eat makes you think twice before mindlessly throwing something down the hatch. I suggest keeping a record of your feelings around this too. It helps you to understand which foods your body responds well to and which it doesn’t, mentally and physically. Although there are also many apps you can download to help you track your daily food intake, I suggest writing it down. It has been shown that physically writing down your daily consumption keeps you more honest (and less obsessive). Find a cute little notebook that slips easily in to your handbag – make it easy and fun for yourself.
  2. In your regular diary, schedule your wellness activities – workouts, meditation, yoga, relaxation, beauty treatments, self pamper time, etc. so many of us forget to put these vital items on the priority list yet they are integral to our health and wellbeing. It has been proven that scheduling these activities in to your diary means you are more likely to complete them. Decide on the times that are going to work best for you and put them in your calendar as you would a meeting or an appointment, it is just as important!
  3. If your goal is fat loss, commit to measuring yourself on a regular basis. Write it in a spreadsheet on your desktop or on a chart pinned to the fridge. Scales can be deceiving depending on so many factors (time of month, time of day, clothes, etc.) it is best to measure your progress by measuring your body. Ensure you always measure the same spot of each body part. Knowing that you will be tracking change will not only keep you accountable it will also motivate you as you see the progression, and that is more than enough to keep you committed.
  4. Complete your fitness goals with a training buddy. This is one of the very best accountability strategies, why? Because it is far easier to let yourself down than it is to let a friend down. Commit to training with a friend and you’re much less likely to cancel on sessions.
  5. Book in for some sessions with a qualified professional. It may be that you need someone else to hold you 100% accountable, to help reach your goals. Knowing you have an expert who is doing the very best by your body can take the weight off your shoulders and will give you control over your goals.
  6. Dedicate some time to writing down a list of your goals and the reasons these are important to you. Whenever you’re tempted to deviate from your wellness plan, read your list. Make it easily accessible – write it at the front of your cute food diary, or have it available on your phone – no excuses!