Treat your body beautifully

Aromatherapy is a beautiful way to treat the body; it can have an extraordinary impact on the way we feel.

Oils can be targeted to work on specific concerns, or can simply be used to scent a room.

Check out my top ways to use oils to best benefit you!

But first, for all of the mummys to be out there – remember aromatherapy oils can be very potent with strong reactions. Avoid the use of all oils in your first trimester.

From trimmest 2, stick to these safe and beneficial oils:

  • Lavender – Relaxing
  • Neroli – Antidepressant
  • Grapefruit – Stimulant
  • Sandalwood – Memory booster
  • Orange – Energising
  • Petitgrain – Stress busting
  • Lemon – Detoxifying
  • Geranium – Hormones balancing
  • Tangerine – Soothing
  • Bergamot – Calming
  • Mandarin – Reduce fluid retention
  • Ginger – Good for nausea

Now, how to do it:


  1. Deliver it darling


One of the most effective ways to receive the amazing benefits of oils is through the skin; this is best done with massage. With our top blends, all you need is a pair of expert hands to deliver it.


Anxious? Calm that nervous system by blending 3 drops chamomile, 3 drops ylang ylang, 3 drops rose (otto), 1 drop jasmine with 30ml evening primrose oil.


Been going hard at the gym? Treat sore muscles after a hard training session by blending 5 drops black pepper, 4 drops of lavender and 1 drop of lemon with 30ml Jojoba oil.


Experiencing sleepless nights? To drift off in to a deep slumber, blend 5 drops of chamomile and 5 drops lavender in 30ml of almond oil…zzzzzz.


Feeling romantic? Create a fail-safe aphrodisiac and blend 6 drops of sandalwood, 2 drops of jasmine and 2 drops of ylang ylang in 30mls rosehip oil.


Stressed? To ease tension and create calmness, blend 6 drops clary sage, 3 drops lavender and 1 drop lemon with 30ml Calendula oil.


See some of the other awesome properties these oils have, here.


Burn it baby!


A few drops of essential oil burned in an oil burner not only make a room smell divine, its vapours will also work on your mood – win, win! The size of your burner will determine the volume of drops and water you need, follow the instructions of your individual burner.


Worried about something? Along with water, add drops each of Cedarwood and Frankincense to your burner to quiet an over-active mind.


Unable to concentrate? Banish brain fog by adding a few drops of peppermint oil to your burner.


Libido lacking? Burn some jasmine throughout the day and by the time evening comes you will be ready for bed, if you know what I mean!


Your inner voice not being very kind to you? Boost low self-esteem by adding Neroli to your burner.


And breathe….


The benefits of essential oils don’t have to be contained indoors with massage and beautifully scented rooms. If you are often on the go, you can still reap all the benefits. Add 1 – 2 drops of these oils to a tissue and carry with you to get results on the go.


Struggling to find energy? Use ginger and lime to give you the boost you need.


Can’t get pass 3pm without a block of chocolate? Sniff peppermint throughout the day to curb cravings.


Feeling run down? Add eucalyptus to your tissue to relieve congestion, it’s an oldie and a goodie.