You can’t hide from it, but you can treat it!

Providing transformational packages for women means I am asked a lot questions about health, fitness, beauty and the body. By far, one of the most popular questions I am asked is: ‘What are the best beauty treatments for cellulite, saggy tummies, stretch marks and other trouble areas’. My answer…

Firstly, I tell women that they are not alone in this. Everyone has something they would like to change about their body, it’s a natural part of being a women in our society. I reassure them they are beautiful as they are but if addressing those trouble spots is going to make them feel more empowered, these are my top shouts:

  1. The treatment I use for my clients and the treatment I swear by is decleors Perfect Slim Effect. It never fails to provide outstanding results!

The targeted slimming ritual works by stimulating blood flow to the area and ridding toxins through lymphatic drainage. This is done with specific exfoliation, specialised massage techniques and a potent mask. With the precise blend of plant extracts and essential oils in the decleor products the all-natural treatment packs a real punch to those wobbly bits.

One treatment will see skin looking smoother and tighter, but for head turning toned godessness a course of six treatments over one – two months is best. 

  1. If you want to take it a step further (and invest that bit more without going down the surgery route) the best non-invasive treatment I have found is Thermage.

Thermage treatments are all about energy – focusing radiofrequency energy to kick-start the body’s own natural renewal process. Although it isn’t the most comfortable treatment in the world (unlike the lovely massage that comes with the decleor treatment) there is none of the downtime that comes with surgery.

A single treatment delivers results but as with all non-surgical treatments a one off isn’t going to give lasting results and a course is usually recommended. For more details and to find a practitioner in your area check out the thermage website.

  1. If you want to approach it from an at-home angle, my go to has to be good old-fashioned food!

Seriously, I don’t like wastage and that includes on food and money. The targeted treatments above will work wonders when managed by a professional, with the professional products. However, if you want to take this in-house using what you already have there can work just as well, if not better than the expensive synthetic products you can buy in stores. Create your own body scrub using olive oil and salt followed by a slathering of organic coconut oil applied to trouble spots using upward, circular motions – trust me!