Don’t go it alone

When it comes to exercise, self-motivation is tough. I would be out of a job if it weren’t! That is why it is beneficial to have others play a part in your exercise regime; be it friends, personal trainers, a boot camp or an online community. Here is why:

Friends – It is far easier to let yourself down than it is to let friends down. Commit to training with a likeminded friend or a small group of friends and you’re much less likely to cancel on sessions. It’s also a great excuse for those all-important catch-ups. If one of you doesn’t feel like it one day, the other/s will spur that person along and visa versa – who wants to let the team down, right? Added benefits include post session coffee and brunch dates. Who wouldn’t want to train with that end in sight??

A Personal trainer – several sessions with a qualified professional is one if the very best things a person can do for themselves when it comes to their health and fitness goals. A PT will give much-needed guidance on how to reach YOUR specific goals successfully. They will ensure exercises are completed correctly and safely. And it means having someone else to hold you 100% accountable – its their job to make sure you achieve results.

Boot camp – even the words ‘boot camp’ can instil fear in to some. However, the majority of boot camps are full of people just like you looking to get a little fitter. This builds a great sense of community and leads to great friendships. Many boot camps keep a theme going or set mini challenges, which keep members motivated to attend classes. Finding the right boot camp can lead to some seriously fun times!

An online program – An online program is great for those who have unconventional working hours, small children or other commitments. It means exercise can fit any schedule. The support comes from other members and experts through online forums and it can be just as motivating as the real thing. My top pick is the BUFgirl BUF body program.

Whether it’s your personal trainer, your buddies or your chosen fitness community if you have someone to show up for you, you will show up!