Saying no to never

A client recently asked me: “How do I stop eating ‘never’ foods? If I eat a forbidden food I always go OTT and can’t seem to stop”.

I didn’t question where she had heard the term ‘never’ food. And I didn’t query what those foods were.

I don’t have any ‘never’ foods and I don’t ever tell clients to never eat certain foods. In my experience this is way too restrictive and only leads to a sense of deprivation, which ultimately leads to rebelling and giving in to an almighty binge on that food.

Balance to me means my body feeling energised and well. I believe our body knows exactly what it wants, when. The difficulty is actually tapping in and listening to it. Sure, it might sound like your body is saying ‘I want a pizza and family size bar of dairy milk’ but I am pretty sure if you dug a little deeper you would find that isn’t really the case. Do you feel like your body is singing after that kind of meal? Does it feel light and energetic? Do you feel nourished and thriving? I am going to take a punt and say the answer is a big fat ‘no’. In which case, it is your conditioning not your body running the pizza / chocolate craving show.

Think about what really makes your body tick. Do you feel inspired and satiated throughout the day following a protein packed breakfast? Does the need for a 3pm pick me up disappear when you drink more water throughout the morning? Listen to your body and balance will come naturally.

If you are aware of how your body feels after too much of the good stuff, enjoying these foods every now and then becomes so much more pleasurable and sans the associated guilt, these foods are far healthier. When those one-off treat times happen – enjoy every single moment of it. Have a love affair with that glass of wine, that cheese board or that creamy dessert. Eating is about far more than the food and if you relish in every single mouthful of that ‘never’ food your body will thank you for it, digest it accordingly and take what it needs from it.