A New Treasure

This week is a super exciting one for me as I introduce a new treatment to the range of beauty treatments I offer.

Each time I return from a holiday I am more inspired and bursting with ideas, this occasion is no different. Having just returned from an incredible European adventure I have been influenced once again to make some shifts in both my professional and personal life. Last week I talked about the personal insights (read more on that, here). This week I let you in on a little treasure I discovered while I was overseas and how I am now bringing that to you! 

Being originally from the UK it was obligatory to spend a week there at the beginning of our trip. Although it was English summer, a jacket, boots and scarf were still essential items of the daily wardrobe – no surprises there. How then did all of my UK girl friends look so incredibly, naturally tanned and so god darn hot?? When I asked the question it was met with one universal answer – a new treatment that combines natural tanning with slimming, firming and cellulite reduction.

With the 2 most popular treatments I currently offer being a slimming, firming, cellulite busting body treatment (decleor perfect slim effect) and spray tanning treatments, I had to give this thing a go!

It wasn’t long before I was standing in a paper G-string ready to receive this revolutionary treatment. Emerging from my family home bathroom just over 2 hours later, I couldn’t deny the tan was brilliant! And I did feel just a lil’ tighter all over.

Still glowing as we boarded our flight to Rome just a few days later, I felt so confident in my new tanned, toned skin that I made the decision to get my hands on this product as soon as I could.

A magical 2 weeks later we hit the tarmac in Sydney and put the order in! I wanted to get straight in to testing this treatment a little more.

Hand delivered to me by the knowledgeable team I was able to learn all about the product, how it works and what makes it so special:

Aptly named, Skinny Tan is the first bio-organic spray tan designed to add contour while reducing the visible appearance of cellulite, by using natural tanning and smoothing actives.

Skinny Tan has been formulated to create beautiful bronzing whilst also helping fight against cellulite. The more it is used the more effective it becomes.

The winning formula:

  • Skinny Tan uses a natural tanning active derived from the seeds of the Brassica napus plant. This makes it a bio-organic form of DHA that works naturally with the amino acids in the skin to produce the darkening reaction; resulting in a custom, natural glow for all skin tones. The bio-organic DHA in the product also means it is wonderfully gentle on sensitive skin. 
  • Alongside this, Skinny Tan uses guarana to accelerate the slimming, firming, and cellulite busting properties of the tan. Guarana is a caffeine derivative and it is the high caffeine content in guarana that gives the formula its cellulite fighting super-powers. 
  • Sweet almond oil is the third key ingredient. Sweet almond oil has been used for centuries due to its anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and hyper-moisturising properties. This means the tan keeps your skin feeling nourished, soft and supple, naturally. The almond oil also helps prolong the tan.

With all of this new education and my gun in hand I went forth and I tanned. I tanned friends, colleagues, Her Master Plan ambassadors; I tanned anyone who would stand still long enough! The results speak for themselves. Each and every test subject was thrilled with his or her new, toned, tight tan.

It is after this testing and these phenomenal results that I now proudly bring the treatment to you.

As of today, Skinny Tan joins St Tropez as one of the spray tanning solutions offered by Her Master Plan. And to celebrate we will be offering a 20% price reduction on your first treatment, for the entire month of August! With Sydney winter rapidly disappearing and skin being back on show, it is the perfect time to tan and tone! Find out more about tanning with Her Master Plan and Book now!