Ditching the dark stuff

Two weeks ago, I made the decision to cut coffee from my diet for a little while. I don’t actually have anything against coffee; it’s been proven coffee isn’t bad for us and in fact may be beneficial. Beyond enjoying a regular long black, I use coffee in my slimming beauty treatments and tans to enhance the reduction of cellulite, so coffee for me is a must!

What can be bad for some of us is too much coffee consumed for the wrong reasons, at the wrong times. It is common for us to turn to coffee in times of stress, to beat fatigue or push through a late night at work and because coffee produces cortisol (our stress hormone) doing this can be like fire fighting fire. The body produces cortisol on top of cortisol and an excess of cortisol can lead to many health issues.

A couple of weeks ago, without my even being conscious of it I had increased my usual 1 morning coffee to 1 morning and 1 afternoon coffee. I was using it to push through a busy time and it was when I noticed the effects this had on me personally that I became aware of the down sides of my increased caffeine intake. I became anxious; a little scattered and started finding it harder to sleep at night – the classic stress on stress, cortisol reaction.

It was at this point I decided I needed a break. I have always been an ‘all or nothing’ kinda gal and for me, I need a good break to reset my body before going back to a moderate coffee intake. Lucky for me, my coffee detox happened to coincide with the Sydney tea festival this weekend. Tea is the best tool to get through a coffee detox. If you feel that you would benefit from a little detox, here are my winning tea tips on how I have done it and how you can do it too!

If it is the caffeine hit you crave, go for green tea. It has less caffeine than coffee, still gives you that caffeine hit and is full of antioxidants that will have you and your skin looking and feeling wonderful.

If it is the taste you are going to miss, try a dandelion tea. It tastes like coffee and is the best replacement if replicating flavour. Add your milk of choice if you are a latte lover, and try adding a teaspoon of raw cacao powder if Mocha is what gives you your mojo.  

A real favourite of mine is licorice. Licorice tea is super sweet and stops sugar cravings in their tracks. Try the many blends available out there to keep you motivated and excited about tea over a triple shot!

For some serious refreshment, pick peppermint. As well as being super refreshing, it’s great for digestion. If you are a coffee after dinner kinda gal try replacing it with a peppermint tea. Not only does it taste great and get rid of any after dinner bloat unlike coffee it also freshens the breath. Date night anyone??

Need to calm that cortisol? Chamomile is your new best chum. Not only does this tea taste fantastic but it also relieves stress and anxiety and helps you sleep. Try adding a little honey for a real ‘hug in a mug’