Sun-kissed September

Spring has nearly sprung; the weather is heating up, the layers are being stripped and the sun is coming out to play.

If you want to head in to September confidently ready for the new season, do it safely by turning your bare winter skin to beautifully bronzed with a spray tan! Sunless spray tanning beats sun baking for many reasons. Most importantly the sun’s ultraviolet (UV) rays can be extremely hazardous. Excessive unprotected exposure to these rays means significantly higher susceptibility to skin cancer, a potentially fatal condition. Sun exposure also speeds up the aging process, making premature fine lines, wrinkles and age spots inevitable. In addition it causes skin dryness, exasperating that aged look. And for some, UV rays can lead to unsightly, uncomfortable and painful burns.

If you want to spring in to spring safely sun-kissed without the major risks associated with UV rays given off by the sun, it’s time to fall in love with sunless spray tanning.

The benefits of spray tanning don’t end at sun safety; in fact they go far beyond. And for our Sunkissed September campaign we want spread the word and make sure all of you beautiful women out there are being safe and getting a golden glow without any major, or miner glitches.

Join us in our campaign and get yourself safely Sun-kissed this September! This is everything a great, safe tan should be:

‘S’pecific to you – Whatever the event, an expert tanner will achieve a naturally bronzed look that is bespoke to you to achieve the greatest impact. I complete a full consultation with all of my clients to find out what they are looking to achieve from their tan, assessing the skin, its natural tone and condition. Based on this, I make my recommendation of the best tanning product, the correct shade and right number of coats. As a premium service, I never charge for extra coats – it’s all about getting the right look for the client, no matter what that takes.

‘U’ltimate luxury – A spray tan should feel as indulgent as any other spa treatment you treat yourself to. I bring spa quality spray tanning and a professional spa experience to all of my clients, with tanning that is performed in the privacy and luxury of their own home. This gives them freedom to banish the thought of having to worry about what to wear to the high street salon; if their clothes will mark; how they are going to make it home braless; what they are going to do with the kids and if it is going to rain! I bring everything needed to discreetly and professionally create a treatment area in their own home, leaving them free to slip straight in to that old Tee without any concerns about being ‘seen’ by social or work acquaintances – until they’re ready to step out an make an impact! Every tan should feel this special, every time.

‘N’atural ingredients – The days of using chemical DHAs on the skin should be over. A natural tanning agent works naturally with your skin to create a far more natural looking colour. A great advantage is that these natural agents don’t smell so strongly of that awful fake tan smell. I only recommend and use the very best in bioorganic natural tanning products; including St Tropez and Skinny Tan. Both of which use 100% natural ingredients for a safe, natural, beautiful bronze.

‘K’now-how – With 15 years experience, our results speak for themselves. We approach our treatments holistically and that’s why we’re trusted by our clients – many of who are regularly seen on the red carpet, at A-list events and in the media – to keep their skin looking radiant and their tan flawless – ready for the cameras to snap at any time!

‘I’mage – body image. Heading in to spring and shedding those layers of clothing that have been kind over winter is a little daunting sometimes. A spray tan is one of the very best ways to instantly boost that body image and should leave you glowing on the inside as well as the outside.

‘S’pecialist techniques – Without giving away any secrets lets just say that after being in the business for some time, I have some specialised tanning techniques to ensure that every inch of you is perfectly bronze – no one will ever know you have been sprayed and this is how it should be!

‘S’lim, sexy, toned and cellulite free – Receiving a tan can target more than one goal. Skinny Tan is the first bio-organic spray tan designed to add contour while reducing the visible appearance of cellulite, by using natural tanning and smoothing actives. Skinny Tan has been formulated to create beautiful bronzing whilst also helping fight against cellulite. The more it is used the more effective it becomes. Alongside this, Skinny Tan uses guarana to accelerate the slimming, firming, and cellulite busting properties of the tan.

‘E’xceptional reputation – A quality tan is essential to achieving great results. St.Tropez tan has been proven time and time again as the gold standard in spray tanning. St Tropez is the perfect choice for every skin tone, from a light sunkissed glow to the deepest, darkest bronze. St Tropez has been the original prestige tan, since 1996, providing a natural looking, streak-free tan to suit every skin tone and lifestyle.

‘D’elivery – You should receive delivery of the perfect tanning result every time.

Get Sun-kissed with us this September!