Get your tongue around Tanning

Does it sometimes feel like your therapist is speaking a different language when it comes to bronzing your bod?

Sunless spray tanning is the way those in the know show off their ‘summer glow’ all year round. Be gone Bondi burnt and hello St Tropez beautifully bronzed.

Your glow needs to reflect your lifestyle, but what’s the best tan for you? And how do you achieve a luxe look every time?  

With sunless spray tanning rapidly becoming the choice over harmful UV rays, we have seen major advances in the options and products available. Unless you’re a pro, tanning terminology can be a minefield of confusion. And that is why we have your (perfectly bronzed) back.

Having evolved far beyond the basics of light, medium and dark it can be hard to understand what your therapist or the latest tanning product line is talking about. So, how do you know what you are looking and listening for when it comes to choosing the right tan for you? From choosing the right therapist to understanding application techniques, expanding your knowledge is a sure fire way to avoid major disasters and achieve the perfect luxe glow for you!

These key terms are a must in your vocabulary if you want to go from bare to bronzed with style:

DHA is a term commonly thrown around in tan talk. DHA, or dihydroxyacetone is the most commonly used tanning agent in all tan solutions today. It is a natural derivative of sugar and reacts with the amino acids in the outer layers of our skin to produce a temporary bronzing effect. The higher the percentage of DHA in the tan solution, the deeper the tan it creates. Therefore if you want to create a classic sun-kissed glow you will benefit from a product with lesser DHA content than if you want to achieve a deep dark bronze.

Developing time refers to the time it takes for the final colour of your tan to develop following its initial application. This can vary from tan to tan and person to person, depending on the individuals skin. DHA can continue to work with the skin for up to 24 hours after application. Therefore if you choose to have a 2-hour tan, this doesn’t necessarily mean that the way the tan looks after the 2 hours is going to be the final shade.

Guide colour is the built in bronzer that you can see on your skin as the tan is sprayed. This guide is to ensure the therapist achieves an even coverage. The colour will continue to develop on the skin and the guide colour will wash off when you shower.

Tan extender is a specifically designed skin moisturiser. They are formulated to replenish skin with nutrients, vitamins and moisture to extend the life of your spray tan. Our skin naturally sheds constantly; keeping your skin supple with an exclusively designed tan extender will reduce this shedding and prolong your tan.

Exfoliation is an absolute must before spray tanning; exfoliating removes dead cells, dirt and impurities to leave behind perfectly polished fresh skin and the perfect tan canvas.

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