Party season is here!

Hooray. It’s time to get out and about for weddings, the races and long, balmy summer nights. Are you and your bod ready for it?

If you spent the down time during winter covered up in-doors with warm aircon blasting, you may very well still be wearing that extra layer in the form of some dryer, dehydrated skin. Dryer, dehydrated skin on the body is more prone to cellulite, dimpling and sagging. Not a look we want to be sporting now the new season is upon us.

So, how do you ensure that you are party season ready come that first invitation?? Here is how:

  • If you want to hit it hard and really make an impact, go for a targeted treatment. The treatment I use for my clients and the treatment I swear by is Decleor Perfect Slim Effect. It never fails to provide outstanding results! The targeted slimming ritual works by stimulating blood flow to the treated area and ridding toxins through lymphatic drainage. This is done with specific exfoliation, specialised massage techniques and a potent mask. With the precise blend of plant extracts and essential oils in the decleor products the all-natural treatment packs a real punch to those wobbly bits. One treatment will see skin looking smoother and tighter, but for head turning toned godessness a course of six treatments over one – two months is best.

    And because we love our clients as much as we love a party we are offering a 20% reduction on the cost of treatment for the month of October. BOOK NOW!

  • If you want to keep it all to yourself, DIY your treatment and go for a nourishing at home solution. The very best way to do this is with goodies you already have in your home. I love reaching in to the pantry to create my very own olive oil body scrub. Put on some nice relaxing music and make this a beautiful little ritual for yourself as you apply and treat your skin with this easy to do all natural solution. Repeat this ritual 2 – 3 times per week to get that skin back to it’s best. Click here to see more DIY beauty treatments.
  • If you simply don’t have the time to fit in a treatment, fake it! Every woman knows that a tan will never fail to make you look and feel slimmer, tighter and more confident. As the saying goes – if you can’t tone it tan it. My tan of choice for the party season is Skinny Tan. Not only will this tan give you a stunning natural glow, it is also the first bio-organic spray tan designed to add contour while reducing the visible appearance of cellulite. The more it is used the more effective it becomes. Therefore tanning for every invite will see you fighting against cellulite with every party, reducing cellulite as you shimmer and shine your way through party season – now that is what I call winning.

    We love to see our clients shine and to help you achieve just that we are also offering a 10% reduction on the cost of your first Skinny Tan. Party season sure does have us excited! BOOK NOW!