An unexpected find and the exciting outcome revealed

When you start your own business for the very first time you have preconceived ideas of how it is going to go. It doesn’t always work out that way. That doesn’t mean to say that what does work out isn’t as great, and sometimes even better than what you had perceived.

When I launched Her Master Plan, I had a definite plan in mind for where I was taking the business. Yet, pleasingly, it’s taken me in a quite a few different directions and connected to me some amazing people.

At Her Master Plan, I had my ideas about which of the health, fitness and beauty treatments on offer would be most popular. I based this on my experience of working in salons and clinics over the years. I also had my thoughts on what treatments and services wouldn’t be quite as popular.

This isn’t to say that my core offerings through Her Master Plan are going anywhere – holistic health, fitness and beauty are my passion and this will never change. Through the huge interest in one of my treatments in particular, I have been compelled to build, expand and create a secondary business to ensure everyone gets the very most out of this one treatment.

I hadn’t anticipated the huge impact that offering in-home luxury treatment would have on client experiences. The benefits that come with offering my services in the comfort of a client’s own home has had a huge influence on the popularity of certain treatments, most significantly – spray tanning.

Just imagine this: you have an event; you need to look perfect in each and every way, including a perfectly glowing tan. In an attempt to achieve just that you head out to the local salon. The salon is welcoming, exceptionally clean and the therapist is professional. Despite all of that, you still feel a bit uneasy as you start the process by stripping off in the unfamiliar surrounds.

You stand awkwardly naked in this foreign space and as that cold spray hits, you have to admit it isn’t the most pleasant experience you’ve ever had. Regardless, the friendly therapist does a marvellous job and looking at the guide colour in the mirror afterwards you are pretty pleased with what you see.

Then comes the hard bit… you need to dress in your loose, suitable for ‘in public’ clothing (always a hard wardrobe selection) without marking your tan. If only you could stand there sans clothing for a lil’ longer, or throw on an old T to travel home in…. Alas, you carefully dress and walk out of the salon make-up free, skin looking slightly like you have been rolling around in mud; wearing that very unattractive post-tan outfit. Of course, the cute guy from the coffee shop walks your way as you do – eek. As you start hotfooting it to your car, the crazy Sydney weather strikes again and the once clear day turns to torrential downpour. Ducking and diving under shopfronts you make it to your car without too much damage – phew.

Once home you remove your clothing to slip in to that comfy T only to find that when you pulled those ‘loose’ pants on you managed to pull off a portion of the tan along the way – damn it!

Now that perfect glow is actually more of an obvious, slightly dodgy spray tan.

Then imagine this: You are in the comfort of your own home. A talented, friendly, expert therapist (that’s me ;)) enters your home and transforms it in to a little sanctuary, lighting a beautiful candle and offering you a robe to head to your own bathroom and serenely change.

When you emerge from the bathroom in your comfortable robe your spray tan haven is ready to go. You were concerned tanning at home might be messy but you can see now that this isn’t going to be the case – the large tent and expert set-up assure you of that.

With the scented candle glowing in the corner of your eye you step securely on to your sticky feet and in to the tanning tent. Dropping your robe you feel totally relaxed and at home, because you are at home.

When that cool spray is expertly sprayed, it isn’t so bad because you are in your personal cosy surrounds and the whole situation is actually most pleasant.

Looking at the guide colour in the mirror afterwards you’re extremely happy with what you see.

Then comes the easy bit… the decision to walk around in the privacy of your own home sans clothing for a lil’ longer or throwing on an old T. You feel relieved as you realise there is absolutely no possibility of bumping in to that cute guy while you are make-up free, looking slightly like you have been rolling around in mud. You look out of the window and see the crazy Sydney weather strike again, it’s actually quite nice to listen to the rain tapping on the window as the scented candle left as a gift burns away in the background.

Later, you wash that tan off to reveal a perfectly even, flawless, natural looking tan – damn yes it looks gooooood!

Now that perfect glow is everything you could’ve wished for and more.

This is the very reason that today I reveal my new, secondary business to educate and service everything spray tanning. Bare to Bronzed by Her Master Plan is dedicated to avid and new tanners alike. With regular tanning updates, blogs and info, the ability to book online, all of the ‘bare essentials’ you need for pre and post tanning care, testimonials from those in the know and more, Bare to Bronzed by Her Master Plan is your one-stop go to for all things tanning. Head on over to see it all!