1. Eat / drink your greens – Greens are full of vitamins and have a natural detoxifying effect. Eating greens (or drinking your greens in a quality greens powder) to nourish your bod in the lead up to and post a big night will aid recovery and help toxins leave the body sooner, shortening or putting a stop to any hangover.
  1. Choose the right drinks – It is often the sugar in the alcohol you consume that gives you the horrible hangover symptoms, such as: dehydration, sleeplessness, headaches…you know the ones. Reduce the sugar in your drinks and reduce these effects. Go for clear spirits and soda water (diet soft drinks are also a no go because they are full of nasties that interfere with the way your body metabolises alcohol) and quality red wine. Avoid pre-mixed alchopop drinks like you avoid your drunk boss at the office party. And if you must go for a cocktail, choose something like a bloody mary which has less sugar and a lil’ goodness.
  1. Water, water, water – you’ve heard it before but its true. Matching alcoholic drinks one for one with water will have you high fiving yourself the morning after.
  1. Go for another green and choose green tea over coffee the morning after. Coffee on top of the alcohol gives your poor liver a hell of a lot to deal with and will leave you feeling not so good. Green tea on the other hand will still give you the boost you need but its antioxidants will help with the flushing of rather than building up of toxins.
  1. Sweat – there is no need to hit the gym or get your cross fit on, in fact this won’t do you too many favours at all. But it is a good idea to get out there and walk it off or if you are lucky enough, take a dip in the ocean. As appealing as it sounds, lying around in bed all day will only make you feel worse in the long run. Get that blood pumping to help move toxins through, and out of the body.
  1. Your mum was right when she told you to line your stomach before a night out. Eating a quality meal with a balance of carbs, protein and good fats before a night out will not only help you avoid that late night naughty munchies but it will also set you up for a better night (think stamina over stammering) and an easier morning.
  1. Supplement with activated charcoal – this powerful detoxifier will aid in the removal of toxins from your body quickly.