Want to keep everyone occupied and create a feel good factor for all??

Do it by getting involved in some community volunteering over the holidays. There are so many ways that you, your partner in crime and the small people, of all ages, can get involved.

These are my fave ways to give back:

Green fingers – you may not know this but most towns/suburbs will have some sort of gardening club/community who help out with public areas. Toddlers are able to play around in the dirt and pull up weeds (under supervision, of course). Older kidlettes can plant seeds and bulbs, and you can do all of the above. It can prove to be a great workout, too!

Rid the rubbish –  This may not sound appealing but it has soooo many good benefits you may very well become addicted, honest. Almost all communities will have a group of volunteers who help out with the collection of litter from the streets, beach, local park and play areas. The reward for getting involved in this is more than you could imagine. Not only does it create an abundance of ‘feel good’ it also teaches the children about the importance of not littering (this includes in the house so is a win, win for you), it promotes interaction and builds social skills and again, it can be a killer workout.

Get animal friendly -all animal rescue organisations with have volunteer opportunities. This could be helping out with clearing out pens, walking dogs, feeding etc. all of it will have you fully involved and feeling fuzzy. It will also teach your small people about caring for an animal, which is a great lesson for them to learn. Also another great potential workout opportunity – does anyone else see a pattern here??

Go back in time – And what if your little ones are too little to get involved in any of the above? A priceless way of giving back when you have tiny people is to visit the elderly at a retirement home. Staff and residents at retirement homes are immensely grateful of visits from young families. You will usually be placed with an elderly resident who doesn’t have a family of their own to visit. The conversation to be had will usually take you back in time with old stories told lovingly. And seeing the joy a small baby can bring to a senior soul is the very best thing you can do for your soul.