The countdown to the weekend is on!

This full body workout will see you working on endurance as you progress through rounds.

After you have completed your 5 minute warm up, work your way down the list of exercises in each round. Time yourself for 45 seconds on each exercise with 15 seconds rest between each. Rest for 1 minute between rounds.

Exercises will progressively get harder but rounds will shorten so don’t stop working hard until the very end!

 Rnd 1 (8 mins)

Butt kickers


Bicycle crunch*

Push ups

Mountain climbers*

Hip raises


Leg lowers*

Rnd 2 (5 mins)

Star jumps*

Plie squat


Tricep dips

Sea turtles*

Rnd 3 (3 mins)

High knees*

Jump lunges*

Transverse Mountain Climbers*

Finish with a 1 minute burpee/modified burpee challenge – how many can you smash out in 1 minute??

Remember it’s important you now cool down so that you aren’t too sore to pick up those little bods later. Take a stroll and compete some gentle stretching movements.