Top tips for sticking to your health and fitness goals.

Summer is definitely on it’s way. As the sun comes out more often, so does the bod! Now is when you most want to stick with your goals; readying for the time minimal clothing is once again the norm.

That can be easier said than done when the sunshine also brings with it added temptations – ice-cream frappes over herbal teas, afterwork drinks over a gym visit, etc. Despite best intentions it can be hard to stick to whatever your goals are.

Let us help you by sharing our top tips for sticking with any health and fitness goal.

Read. Read all of the information you can get your hands on, seriously. Education is priceless and if you know the in’s and out’s of how your diet, exercise, and lifestyle are having an impact on your goals (positive or negative) you can work with that knowledge to smash those goals. With the easily accessible resources available to us in todays world, it s super easy to educate yourself on just about everything and anything you want to – ‘Google it!

Write. It is proven that scheduling workouts in to your diary means you are more likely to complete them. Plan when you are going to complete workouts and schedule this in your diary as you would a meeting or an appointment, it is just as important!

Journal. If your goal is to improve nutrition, use a diary to record your daily food consumption. Keeping a record makes you more conscious of what you putting in to your body, and if you know you have to record it you are more likely to do that mindfully. We also suggest keeping a record of your feelings around this too. It helps you to understand which foods serve your body, and which don’t. Although there are also many apps you can download to help you track your daily food intake, I suggest writing it down. It has been shown that physically writing down your daily consumption keeps you more honest (and less obsessive).

Measure. Take your starting measurements. Scales can be deceiving depending on so many factors (time of month, time of day, clothes, etc.) it is best to measure you progress by measuring your body. Ensure you always measure the same spot of each body part. Or just go by the way you feel in a certain pair of jeans. The motivation that comes from seeing progression in this way is more than enough to keep you on track.

Be prepared. This is an oldie but a goodie. The saying ‘by failing to prepare you are preparing to fail’ is something that rings true in many aspects of life, including your health and fitness. If you have a kitchen full of fresh nourishing foods, workouts scheduled in to your diary and a clear goal in mind – you cannot fail!

Adopt a ‘can do’ attitude. Negative self-talk is something that is all too common these days. If you continually feed yourself the message that you can’t do it, guess what – you will believe you can’t do it. When negative comments about yourself start popping up, stop and imagine you are speaking to a friend. Would you tell a friend she wasn’t good enough, pretty enough, smart enough, etc.? I doubt you would. Therefore, don’t let you speak to you like this.

Be gentle with yourself. Rome wasn’t built in a day. Make small progressive changes to avoid an all or nothing mentality, which isn’t healthy or sustainable. If you start cutting down on things like sugar, coffee, alcohol and processed foods week by week, you will simply adapt your lifestyle to a healthier version of itself, which is much more likely to stick than immediate, drastic change.