It doesn’t have to be tricky

From now on you will be going it alone and I am giving you my final set of tricks to make it not tricky at all.

Give yourself rewards – For every little health and fitness achievement, reward yourself with a little treat. A nice candle lit bath, one of the beauty treatments from the program; whatever makes you feel pampered and womanly will have you working hard to earn more of those rewards.

Don’t dwell on bad days – Beating yourself up for bad days will only make you feel worse and cause you to go in to that ‘all or nothing’ spiral. Brush bad days under the carpet and get on with being good again the next.

Be kind to yourself – If you are exhausted and the thought of exercise fills you with dread – don’t exercise! It will only cause you to resent exercise and will create further stress on your body, causing the complete opposite effect of what you are trying to achieve with exercise. Just relax while you are exhausted, recharge and get straight back in to it the next day.

Enjoy it – Don’t look at exercise and eating well as a chore. Enjoy learning new recipes and learning about your body. Continue the education and embrace new workouts and experiences.

Get a friend on board – Don’t keep all of your newfound knowledge to yourself. Share the love and find a buddy to complete your workouts with. Ideally one who has children your age – you will motivate each other and can use your fitness activity as a great excuse for those all-important catch-ups.

Change your view of housework and use it as exercise – as a mum you seem to be constantly doing housework, so use it to your advantage. Pick up one item at a time meaning you are back and forth more times, consciously squat rather than bend when picking things off the floor, run up the stairs rather than walk – it all adds up.