7 steps to the perfect eye make-up

The eyes are the window to the soul, right? Make your eyes just as pretty as your soul with our guide to the perfect eye make-up.

Whether you are aiming for a natural ‘straight from the beach’ look or you’re going for that sultry, seductive, smokey eye follow our guide to create it perfectly….

Step 1: The first rule is to always apply eye make-up first. This allows for any stray shadow to be easily removed from underneath the eye, without it having attached itself to any concealer or foundation there. This means you will avoid giving yourself any unintentional dark circles.

Start by covering the lids with a primer. This doesn’t need to be a specific lid primer, we recommend using the same primer that you use for the entire face. Follow this with a small amount of foundation and you have created your canvas to build from.

Step 2: Cover the entire lid with a neutral eyeshadow shade. You can then further build on this with your colour choices.

As a rule, use lighter shades for the inner section of the lid (toward the nose), progressing to mid tones on the mid lid, darker shades on the outer lid and darker still toward, and along the lash line.

Use this light – dark progression rule regardless of your colour choices. The result can be subtle with natural tones, dramatic and striking with bright, daring shades, and will create the perfect smokey eye with darker shades. Apply this rule for the lid, the upper and lower lash line.

Step 3: To define the eyes and add more dimension to a look, add eyeliner. Keep the liner close to the lash line; apply along the entire lash line for a bold look (essential for a smokey eye), or stick to the outer lash line to create a more natural look. There is a huge choice of liners out there – find what works for you. We like to use a gel liner with a small brush. It gives great control for precise application on both the upper and lower lash lines. Depending on the desired outcome, blend the liner line with a smudge brush or cotton bud. This will blur harsh, heavy lines and is often the key to a smokey eye – play with it.

Step 4: To finish the shadow, add a highlighter or pale shadow to the inner corner of the eye (toward the nose) and just below the eyebrow. This will open up the eyes and really make the them sparkle. You can take this one step further by applying white eyeliner (we recommend a pencil liner for best results) to the inner, lower lid.

Step 5: False lashes aren’t essential but if you are choosing to add them, this is the time! We recommend using individual lashes over strip lashes. These can be applied to compliment any look and can be great for both subtle and dramatic results – you are in control. Individual lashes usually come in 3 sizes – short, medium and long. Most store purchased lashes will include a mixture of all 3. Apply the same rule with lashes as with shadow: lighter – heavier = shorter – longer. Start on the outer corner of the eye and work inward, decreasing lash length as you go. Be sparing with glue, you don’t need as much as you think and it can get messy! Use a pair of tweezers to remove the lashes one at a time, applying each as close to the natural lash line as possible.

Step 6: Mascara is our number 1 to bring that look to life. Confused about which to choose? With so many available, we’re not surprised! It is something that will be individual to you, and the occasion. If you have finer lashes – use a lash building mascara. Short lashes? Use a lengthening mascara. Attending a wedding? Waterproof is essential! We really are lovers of finding what works for you as an individual. Just don’t go cheap and nasty – life is too short for clumpy lashes.

With your chosen mascara, start with the lower lashes. This will avoid wet upper lashes ruining eye shadow when looking up to complete lower lashes. Apply 2-3 coats of mascara for a smokey eye or a striking finish, and 1 for a natural look. Or schedule an eyelash tint.

Step 7: It is true that brows frame a face. Unfortunately not everyone is blessed with luscious, perfectly shaped brows. To find out the ideal brow shape for you:

Hold a thin make-up brush (a lip line brush is ideal) to sit along the outer corner of the nose in a straight line up to the forehead. Where this brush sits at the brow line is the ideal beginning for the brow

Hold the same brush in a diagonal from the outer corner of the nose across to the outer corner of the eye. Where this brush meets the brow line is where the brow should end.

If your brows are longer or shorter than this, schedule in a shape with a professional. If they fall short, you want to go darker than your natural brow shade or you want to alter the shape of your brows with make up. We highly recommend consulting a professional for a lesson and an eyebrow tint as the best option.

Still confused? See us for a make-up lesson and learn how to perfect your individual look.