Create a time capsule

Even if your baby / babies are still very small, creating a time capsule is something super fun to do. Include photos of the whole family – you can have a lot of fun taking them. Gather cards from new born days / early birthdays, silly gifts that you have no need to keep but can’t bear to throw out (great de-cluttering tool, too). If your little ones are old enough, record them giving them grown selves a message – the possibilities are endless.

Here are just a few more ideas:

  • Newspaper front pages with major headlines / A current gossip mag
  • School report cards / achievement certificates
  • A fave toy that won’t be missed
  • A television/movie guide
  • Record of current heights and weights of kids
  • Money / current stamps

Take lots of photographs and include them, good ones to have are:

  • Your town / suburb / fave local areas and hangouts
  • Your car
  • Anything that you think is likely to change
  • Interior and exterior shots of your home
  • Photos of you and the fam in current favourite clothes
  • Holiday / fun-time photos

Also get family members to write a message or letter for the future i.e. don’t let silly boys / girls break your heart 😉 or devise a series of questions and record some family member interviews – looking back on these will be particularly fun!