Exercise Modifications

Exercise Modification
High knees Butt kicks / air squats / march on the spot
Sprint / run / jog Power walk
Skips Butt kicks / air squats
Leg lowers Alternating leg lowers / leg lifts
Jump lunges Static lunges
Squat jumps Squats
Burpess Modified burpees
Mountain climbers Downward dog to knee tuck
Bicycle crunch Side plank dips
Skaters Curtsey lunge
Star jumps Air squats
Plank Plank hover (drop to knees)
Supergirl (opposite arm/leg)/supergirl rows/ supergirl holds sea turtles (if you feel uncomfortable laying on your tummy for any period of time take the modification) Standing Supergirls (Y – W shape)


Push up plank jacks


Push up / push up on knees
Egyptian Crunches


Supergirl (opposite arm/leg)
Up down plank


Side plank dips, Plank hover (drop to knees), Plank
MMA get ups


Walk out push-up Push up / push up on knees