Give it 110%

This first workout I take you outdoors for a great cardio hit to start the week. No equipment is required and being outdoors means you can bring the stroller. Not only will this fun workout start the week off by flooding the body with a bucket load of endorphins, it will also keep you burning through fat stores all day long.

Head in to week 1 feeling 110%:

To begin with, complete a 5 minute warm up by going for a little jog / power walk, jigging around to some tunes or practicing a few of the moves in the workout – anything that gets your body warm and supple. Then complete each of the rounds below, resting for 1-minute in-between each. If you are feeling really motivated – repeat!

For an extra challenge use that stroller and it’s beautiful contents as extra resistance in the sprints!

Round 1

100 meter sprint* + 10 Air squats

100 Butt kickers  + 10 Supergirl rows*

Round 2

100 meter sprint*- 10 Reverse lunge to knee drive (10 each side)

100 Butt kickers  + 10 Push ups

Round 3

100 meter sprint* + 10 Standing flies

100 Butt kickers  + 10 side plank dips (Right)

Round 4

100 meter sprint* + 10 1-leg hip raise  (10 each side)

100 Butt kickers  + 10 side plank dips (Left)

Remember it’s important you now cool down so that you aren’t too sore to pick up those little bods later. Take a stroll and compete some gentle stretching movements.