Program prep

I designed this programs with a few key things in mind. I want the program to fit in to your busy life, around your kidlets and most of all I want you to fall in love with exercise, a nourishing lifestyle, and have a whole lotta fun along the way. I have a sneaking suspicion I got it right!

So, what do we focus on?:

Body: Love it or hate it, it’s yours and believe it or not it is incredible, it created a small human! This means it is essential we take care of it. In this program I will show you how to feel healthy, happy and amazing in your own skin by learning to move, nourish and appreciate your incredible body in a way you will truly enjoy.

Health: Your health is vital for you and your family. In this program you will learn how to move, eat and treat yourself in the best way possible for optimum health.

Wellbeing: The way we feel on the inside is often reflected in the way we look on the outside. Poor diet, negative self-talk and lack of exercise can reflect a pretty poor outer image. In this program we will tackle all of these things, resulting in a glowing you, inside and out.

This is why it works:

I offer a unique program that works for you as a mum, as well as you as a woman. My program is:

Time efficient: Your time is so precious, especially now and this is something you likely too often forget. My program combines all your health, fitness and wellbeing needs into one easy access plan, giving you back some of that precious time.

Affordable: Being a mum adds a whole new expense to your life. Because my program combines recipes, DIY beauty treatments and home workouts, the program means you save. No expensive products, no expensive gym memberships and no recipe books required.

Convenient: I know how hard it can be to eat healthily and fit in exercise when you are busy being a mum. And it is with this in mind that this plan was created; my small swaps, easy recipes and workouts are designed to fit conveniently in to your daily life.

Educational: It is great working toward an end goal, and the way it feels achieving your goal in time is wonderful. However good health, fitness and wellbeing are essential for life as a mum. I will educate you throughout this journey so that your results become your norm.

What you actually get:

Daily workouts: These workouts can be completed anywhere, anytime. They have been designed to keep you safe, no matter what stage of mummyhood you are at. They are short, sharp and effective!

Meal suggestions, recipes and food education: I will not give you a strict meal-by-meal eating plan to adhere to (this is wayyyy too hard and restrictive when you have bubs to factor in, and it is simply not going to work if you are still breast feeding) but I will supply you with beautiful, nourishing recipes and simple meal ideas.

DIY beauty treatment recipes. I am betting you find it pretty hard to treat yourself; you certainly don’t have time to get to the  beauty salon, right? My DIY beauty treatment recipes will use ingredients you have in your kitchen, making it easy and achievable to get a bit of that all needed ‘pamper time’.

Support. You will receive support via our email, telephone and SMS. You can flick me questions anytime you like.

Inspiration: I also encourage you to follow my Facebook and Instagram pages to keep updated with the latest news, blogs and for total food and fitness inspo.

Results. If you stick with this plan you will see big changes in your health, fitness, and state of mind – bring that on!

What does it look like?:

Your week will maintain a consistent theme so you will have an idea of what to expect each day. It goes a lil’ something like this:

 Motivational Monday

Today is about motivating you for the week ahead, introducing a little focus for the week, and of course providing that all important first workout of the week.

Tuesday treatment

Tuesday is the day to show your skin a lil’ love with a DIY beauty treatment, I promise it’ll be super simple, quick and easy. You will be surprised just how much this ‘girl treat’ will impact not only your appearance but also your wellbeing. And of course, I include your daily workout.

Humpday Hush

Today is your rest day. We all need them (especially new mums); it is during rest that the magic happens. You see far more gain when you allow your body and mind to rest and recover. Every Wednesday, I will show you how to rest best.

Thursday tricks 

Thursday is the day I bring you my best health and wellbeing tricks for mums. I have been in the game a long time and that means I’ve accumulated a big goodie bag of tricks to conquer those ‘it’s all too hard’ moments. No learning the hard way for you – I got your back. We also bring back that daily workout after your well earned rest day.

Foodie Friday

Today is the day I make a healthy foodie out of you! Coming in to a weekend I figure you may be heading out for a meal or cooking up something special at home. This is when it can get tough to stick with your good intentions. Fear not! Every Friday I will supply you with tools for surviving the temptations, along with some of the best recipes in the biz. As well as a fun Friday fitness sesh to get you fired up for the weekend.

Saturday – Simple Saturday

Saturday is a family day if ever there was one. You have worked so hard all week I believe you need some simplicity on a Saturday. That is why every Saturday I will bring to you just one simple healthy pleasure that you can enjoy with the fam. This might be a healthy family activity, a healthy recipe you can enjoy creating together or something else. I also bring you your final workout of the week!