This workout is designed to kick your butt quick! Firing up your metabolism for the rest of the day.

After your 5 minute warm up, complete each of the exercises in the list for the suggested reps once. Then return to the top of the list and repeat for a second time at half the reps. Rests for a full 2 minutes between  the 2 sets.

Skaters* x 40

Up down plank* x 20

Plie squat x 20

Elevated hip raise x 20 e/s

Rows, supergirl* x 20

MMA get ups* x 10 e/s

Up and back shuttles x 20

Mixed shadow punches x 40

Remember it’s important you now cool down so that you aren’t too sore to pick up those little bods later. Take a stroll and compete some gentle stretching movements.