Supertone Saturday

Today you get to choose your own adventure!…Complete 0 to all 3 sections of the workout to suit your schedule and energy level. This workout will be the same each week meaning you can perfect 1 section, aim to complete 1 section per week or simply pick parts of it up on the weeks you have more time and more energy, make it your own lady!

All you need is your own bod and perhaps a lil’ 80’s music.

  1. Booty

In a 4 point kneeling position complete each move for 30 secs, start with the left side:

  • Tap knee to ground just in-front of your chest and kick the foot back toward the ceiling
  • Repeat the above with the knee angled in toward the opposite elbow
  • Tuck the knee into the chest (no tap down) kick back
  • Flex the foot and pulse it up toward the ceiling
  • Bring the knee to the outside of the elbow and kick back (spidey abs)
  • Take the leg out straight to the side and pulse it up

Now repeat on the right!

  1. Arms 

In a standing position complete each move for 30 secs:

  • Reach both arms out in a ‘V’ position, draw elbows into the ribs to a ‘W’ position
  • Take both arms wide, keeping arms straight clap in front of the body and open out to the side
  • Holding the arms out straight to the side, draw a ‘C’ shape with the arms
  • Sky punches (punch both arms up toward the sky)
  • Straight punches (punch the arms forward of the body)

For an extra challenge – repeat!

  1. Abs

Laying on your back complete each move for 30 secs:

  • Keep both legs straight and flex the toes toward the face, crunch the upper body up so that head and shoulders lift just off the ground
  • Repeat the above with legs raised to a 45 degree position
  • Repeat the above with legs opened out into a diamond shape on the ground, souls of the feet together
  • Plank hold

For an extra challenge – repeat!