Supertone Saturday

Today you get to choose your own adventure!…Complete 0 to all 3 sections of the workout to suit your schedule and energy level. This workout will be the same each week meaning you can perfect 1 section, aim to complete 1 section per week or simply pick parts of it up on the weeks you have more time and more energy, make it your own lady!

All you need is your own bod and perhaps a lil’ 80’s music. Oh and this vid from my mentor and friend Libby Babet of BUFgirls to follow along.

1. Booty

  • Kneeling knee touch / back kick
  • Angled knee touch / Angled kick
  • Tuck to double back kick
  • Attitude kick-back
  • Press ceiling pulse
  • Spidey abs to cross kick back
  • Hydrant to side extend-kick
  • Stretch O’clock

Now repeat on the right!

2. Arms 

  • Side reach and row
  • 1-Arm reach and pull (V-Position)
  • Forward clap and open
  • Angel wing flutters
  • Angel wing swings
  • Swing unders
  • Sky punches
  • The woodchopper

3. Abs

  • Straight leg crunch
  • 45-deg crunch
  • Alternating leg-to-sky crunch
  • Both toes to sky crunch
  • Frog crunch
  • Feet walking side-to-side mat crunch
  • Tuck under plank
  • Alternating swing plank