Take 2 tabata

All you need for this workout is your bod, the same tabata timer you used for last weeks Thursday tabata and your fave motivating tunes.

After your 5 minute warm up, crank your tunes and alternate the 2 moves for each tabata round.

Tabata 1 – 4 minutes

Beyonce hip raises vs Jump lunge*

Tabata 2 – 4 minutes

Push up plank jacks* vs Supergirl row*

Tabata 3 – 4 minutes

Shadow punches vs High knees*

Tabata 4 – 4 minutes

Reverse lunge knee drive vs Skaters*

Repeat if you dare!

Remember it’s important you now cool down so that you aren’t too sore to pick up those little bods later. Take a stroll and compete some gentle stretching movements.