Take a mini-break

Take a break from your normal Saturday and do something different for an inexpensive Saturday family fun day. Give yourself a rest from your usual Saturday chores (or get them done early) so you have an entire day to take a little ‘holiday in your own home’.

Here are some of my favourite activities for making your Saturday feel like a mini-break from the norm. Even if your little ones are super little and can’t get involved, a lot of these activities are accessible and fun. That means no excuses to not take the stroller along and have a little adult fun with some of these ‘kids’ activities. It’s all about taking that ‘mini-break’ and doing something different.

My home holiday loves:

If the weather is good:

  • Join a guided walking or bus tour of your area. You may live there but do you really know anything about the area and it’s history? This is perfect to educate the kids, and you!
  • Get outside and fly a kite. If you don’t have one, make your own as part of the fun. Take a healthy picnic along because I guarantee you once you get started you will be out there flying for a long time!
  • Create your own water park. Turn on the sprinklers, grab some old school water guns and water balloons from the dollar shop and get wet! This can be even more fun when the kids aren’t involved 😉
  • Grab your camera and spend the afternoon capturing some amazing family shots. This can work indoors, or out.
  • Set up a tent in the garden – no further effort required. It is such a novelty it will keep everyone entertained all day long.

If the weather is not so good:

  • Arrange a behind-the-scenes tour with the pinsetters at a bowling alley or the projectionists at a movie theatre. A refreshing change from the usual bowling or movie.
  • Visit your local museum or art gallery, just like a tourist.
  • Go to karaoke – your first reaction may be ‘isn’t that what used to happen at 3am, in a past life’? Maybe. But karaoke can actually be a really fun rainy day activity for the family, it breeds creativity and confidence – you can’t go wrong.
  • Set up a tent or fort in the house – no further effort required. It is such a novelty it will keep everyone entertained all day long.

Hot tip: It is also a great idea to visit your local visitors’ bureau; they are experts on your area and often offer fun activities you had never even considered.