Turn up the heat Tuesday

It’s time to turn up the heat and burn through some fat stores. All you need for your final Tuesday workout is your bod, a couch or bench and a timer. You can choose to complete just one or all rounds depending on how much time you have, or you could do each round at different intervals throughout the day. Remember it’s all about fitting this in to your every day life, do what works for you and love it!

Round #1

5 minutes

  • 10 x Squats- Rest 10s – Repeat x 4
  • 10 x Push ups – Rest 10s – Repeat x 4
  • 10 x Pendulum lunge- Rest 10s – Repeat x 4
  • 10 x Super girl opposite arm leg – Repeat x 4

Round #2
10 minutes

Complete the following, all within 60 seconds, and then rest for any seconds you have to spare before the next minute ticks over. Complete 10 of these 1-minute rounds all up!

  • 30 x Mountain Climbers*
  • 10 x Up and back shuttles
  • 20 x Curtsey Lunge

Workout #3 
10 – 15 minutes

Complete 20 repetitions of each of the following exercises straight through without resting.

  • Tricep dips
  • MMA Get Ups (10 per side to make up the 20)
  • Hip Raises, elevated for extra challenge!
  • Lateral lunges
  • Side plank dips (10 per side to make up the 20)

Remember it’s important you now cool down so that you aren’t too sore to pick up those little bods later. Take a stroll and compete some gentle stretching movements.