Walk it out

Getting out in nature is one of the very best things you can do for both your body and mind. Going for a walk might sound simple, and it is. But simple is sometimes where it is at. This is something you can do with the entire family, something you can do alone or anywhere in-between. Which ever you decide, here are my top tips:

  • If you are going it alone, download some podcast and get an education along the way. There are so many out there to choose from these days, pick a topic you love and walk to the talk.
  • Explore your local area; often we are so caught up and busy we miss things going on in our very own backyards. Head out and wander around your suburb / town, you will be surprised at the things you notice when you aren’t rushing.
  • Teach the kidlettes, whether it be in your local area or elsewhere have a little read up before you head out with the kids. They will be in awe of you once you start reeling off facts about the place you are wandering. It’s a great education for them.
  • Become an explorer, with or without the kids. Drive out to a place you have never been to before; a new beach, lake, national park. Be inquisitive and explore every nook and cranny.
  • Stop along the way. It is often nice to walk a while and then stop for a coffee or lunch at a local cafe. If this is in your own area it’s a great opportunity to connect with locals and meet other mums.
  • Make a game of it. If you have the small people with you, play eyespy, count the trees, collect leaves, get their little minds active and you will be in for a quiet rest of the day 😉
  • Take it easy, stroll and enjoy it. Try not to look at this as exercise, we know you love exercise but pushing it can lead to resentment. Do it for the love of it.

#hermasterplan to show us what you got up to on your walk!