The busy new mum guide to achieving health and fitness goals.



I know just how difficult it can be to achieve that health and fitness goal when a new bub becomes your priority. Ideally you would love to attend every class and PT session you schedule in your mind. The reality is it isn’t always possible. Here I share my top tips to make exercise and eating well even easier for busy new mums.

1. Join a mums and bubs community by attending a mums and bubs fitness class. The support you get from a like minded community is such great motivation to keep going. It’s also affordable and flexible enough to allow for sleepless nights, unexpected nappy change emergencies, and other things that can often get in the way, despite all best intentions. Some of the best friendships are often made through these focused fitness sessions.

2. Give yourself rewards – For every little health and fitness achievement, reward yourself with a little treat. A nice candle lit bath when your bub is in bed, a DIY facial (try some of our natural beauty recipes, here), whatever makes you feel pampered and womanly will have you working hard to earn more of those rewards.

3. Don’t dwell on bad days – Beating yourself up for bad days will only make you feel worse and cause you to go in to that ‘all or nothing’ spiral. Brush bad days under the carpet and get on with being good again the next.

4. Be kind to yourself – If you are exhausted and the thought of exercise is filling you with dread – don’t exercise! It will only cause you to resent exercise (and play havoc with your hormones). Just relax while you are exhausted, recharge and get straight back in to it the next day.

5. Enjoy it – Don’t look at exercise and eating well as a chore. Enjoy learning new recipes and learning about your new post baby body.

6. Get a friend on board – Ideally one who has children your age – you will motivate each other and can use your fitness activity as a great excuse for those all-important adult catch-ups.

7. Change your view of housework and use it as exercise – Pick up one item at a time meaning you are back and forth more times, consciously squat rather than bend when picking things off the floor, run up the stairs rather than walk – it all adds up.

8. Make small, easy swaps – potato chips for pumpkin chips, spaghetti for zucchini spaghetti. The possibilities are endless, check out some of the best ideas, here.