Super Salads

Fantastically fat salad

Don’t be afraid of fat! This salad is jam packed full of good fats to fill you up, nourish your skin and satisfy those taste buds – fantastic!

Feeds: 1

Cooking time: N/A


Breakfast salad

A tasty, healthy salad doesn’t need to be limited to lunch and dinner times. Start the day the right way with our winning breakfast salad.

Feeds: 1

Cooking time: 5-10 minutes

breakfast salad

Easy proteini salad

This salad is perfect for those days you are just too busy to think about what you are going to use to shhh that rumbling tummy. Avoid the temptation to grab processed, expensive convenience foods and whip up our salad instead.

Feeds: 1

Cooking time: N/A

chicken salad

Pick-me-up Papaya Salad

I became addicted to papaya salad whilst on holiday in Thailand. Traditional recipes contain a lot of sugar and when I arrived home I got to work creating my own, reduced sugar version. Give it a go:

Feeds: 6

Cooking time: N/A


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