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Her Master Plan is your master plan! From head to toe, Her Master Plan is the answer to all your health, fitness and beauty needs.

Her Master Plan is the vision of professional Personal Trainer, Specialist in Pre and Post-natal care, Beauty and Massage Therapist, Nadine Veverka. After 12 years of helping friends, family and clients navigate life’s big events, Nadine realised her ability to help transform women, and make them feel beautiful and radiant was what she loved doing more than anything else in life.

That drive is now reflected in an all-embracing, personalised service that makes it simple, affordable and, convenient for women to achieve and sustain their own personal master plan for their body – inside and out. With mobile and online services available, Her Master plan brings everything you need to your doorstep.

Her Master Plan is designed to guide and motivate women through life’s big moments such as weddings, graduations, starting a new job or changing career, preparing for and having children, or simply getting ready for summer or a big celebration.

Your time is precious. That’s why with Her Master Plan, you can combine all your health, fitness and beauty needs into one plan – your plan. Simple.

Do you need support for your master plan? If so, Her Master Plan is here to help.

Start your Master Plan.





My physio was amazed. In 6 weeks I have gone from 3.5cm RD separation to 1.5cm separation. The physio said she has very rarely seen such incredible progress and advised I continue what I am doing. I put it all down to you, Nadine!


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What a great way to start the week with clean glowing skin.All thanks to an amazing facial by Nadine at Her Master Plan. Professional, relaxing, salon experience from the comfort of my own home! In a matter of minutes Nadine had turned my living room into a sanctuary, oils, candles and relaxing music not to mention the 45 minutes of bliss that followed! A big thank you from me and my amazing glowing skin!


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