Gluten Free Friday foodie


How you get those none glutenous carbs in will be individual to you, your preferences, your personal energy needs and body goals, how you respond to grains and whether you have any intolerances. BUT generally, as a rule, stick to just a couple of serves of grains each day and get the rest of your carbs from veggies and fruit. Most meals should be made up of a serve of veggies or salad the size of your fist, a protein portion that would fit neatly in your palm, a cupped handful-sized serve of carbs and a thumb-sized serve of fats. For post-workout meals, you can increase your starchy carbs a little, or just add a piece of fruit to the mix.

My favourite replacements:

  • Potato / Sweet potato
  • Quinoa
  • Rice (all of the wonderful varieties out there)
  • Buckwheat
  • Sprouted GF bread
  • GF oats
  • Amaranth

Note: If you are breast feeding you may require a little more energy. If you feel reducing your carbs is depleting your energy, up them a little – listen to your body.

Try some of these gluten free alternatives to impress this weekend:


Super healthy spinach bread

Eggy bread


Pick me up papaya salad

Cheeky Chicken Fajitas


Slender spag bol

Lazy lamb stir-fry-with cauliflower rice